HR Nexus


HR Nexus will provide on-demand consulting primarily around Human Resources/Workplace/Employee Benefit issues. HRN is a marketplace for employers to access expert advice for their workforce issues from a diverse team of expert consultants through a technology platform.

The scope of this project will be the following deliverables:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of HRN’s value proposition, competitive position, and business goals and create a Core Strategy for how to approach this project.
  • Define and articulate the platform architecture through end-to-end User Journey maps and Interaction Flow maps.
  • Develop comprehensive and consistent User Experience design, including wireframes, interactive prototypes and visual design key frames for desktop compute and/or mobile devices.

My Role: UX/UI Designer

Team: Eunice Armilda, Sara Hodges, and Bomi Kim

HRN will have two main groups of users:

  • Pros: individuals providing expert advice
  • Clients: individual and companies seeking advice.


  • HRN should be the only platform Clients and Pros need to complete their interactions – all messaging, scheduling, calling/chatting, and file sharing should happen within the platform to avoid users to have to redirect to other platforms/sites.

Pro Persona

Client Persona


To better gain insights on the business goal and user needs, our team used the Service Design Toolkit canvases to conduct research and brainstorm.

User Journey

Using the information we gathered from these canvases, I created 3 user journey

  1. Client searches for HR Consultant
  2. Client shops for HR Services
  3. Pro accepts offer from client

While creating the user journey, we found some unanswered questions that needed to be addressed before we were able to move forward in the interface design.

User Flow

We created user flows to visualize the path users can take while using the platform. One focuses on Client’s search for HR consultant and signing up for a free 30 minute consultation. Another outlines the user flow of the HR consultant viewing then accepting or declining a request from a client

Wire Frames

From the user flow I focused on the clients experience with searching for HR consultant and booking a consultation. I created a wireframe illustrating how client can search and use filters to find a HR consultant that meets their needs for a specific project.

High Fidelity Wireframe